We at RENAISSANCE believe that future Health Care must be based on Research and Development. This being our vision, we have the determination reach new medical knowledge of substantial use in our society. The foundation for our collaborative work is our Research Profiles.

RENAISSANCE Clinical and Translational Science Institute have a long, distinguished tradition in clinical research.


RENAISSANCE Clinical and Translational Science Institute (CTSI) is a collaborative approach to support and advance Clinical and Translational Research. Clinical Research is the process of applying discoveries made in laboratory, and in preclinical studies, to the development of trials and studies using human subjects. Translation research intended to discover how to best apply the clinical findings to the community.


RENAISSANCE Clinical & Translational Science Institute provide the web-based online Clinical Research education, training and exchange of information for Clinical Research Professionals worldwide. Our easy-to-access online training program provides comprehensive and current information on GCP to comply with the regulatory requirements for managing and conducting clinical trials. Our objective is to educate professional and to conduct ethical and scientific research.

India, as a nation, has a rapidly developing and excelling healthcare system. In fact, many international clinicians are keen to try new medical device technologies using the facilities and the sophisticated medical technologies in India.